Jayne L. (serrico) wrote,

Brrrrrr. (Translation: SPOILERS.)

Smallville, 'Arctic': The first half--taken in a complete, and I mean complete--vacuum, wasn't bad at all. There were the usual complete contradictions of previously-established canon, the expected pole-vaultings of logic, but again, in a total contextual vacuum, on the whole...not bad.

Things started to suck with Lana's Dear BDA video. (Don't get me started. Really. Don't.) And then they kept on sucking (with a brief remission for Jimmy's sweet yet oh so very stupid proposal), all the way through to the showdown in the Fortress. While the showdown did have a couple bright spots--the way Rosenbaum played the "I loved you like a brother" bit with enough of the good ol' Clexy longing to make me harken back to the days of wine and roses and a more sensible version of the Clark-and-Lex Destiny (not to mention seriously wonder if we were actually gonna get a kiss to send him off with), for example--it ended such that I'm positive Lex is gonna be Jasoned next season. (By which I mean: a shitload of stuff fell on his head, the "cliffhanger" is supposed to be whether he'll survive, and next season's premiere will sweep his continued existence or lackthereof under the rug as quickly as possible.) 'Cause that's TOTALLY how a show should deal with the departure of one of its best narrative and performative assets.

*sigh* This show makes me tired.
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