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Reality Is Almost Always Wrong

Goes ding when there's stuff.

Stickypost: Where To Find Stuff In This LJ
My fanfic is in the process of being transferred from my now-defunct website to my DreamWidth journal and the AO3. Eventually, everything will be available through DW Tags. My warning policy is here.

If you find yourself with the urge to remix/podcast/make art for anything I've written, please, feel free! You don't have to ask, although I would appreciate a heads-up once you've done whatever it is so I can go look at/listen to it and feel all happy. *g*

My vids can be found here.

Also, apparently I'm on Tumblr now.


This probably concludes my every-few-weeks whining about this show.
X Company, 'Remembrance': for a show about a group of spies who were the Allies' secret weapon, its finale sure did hinge on whether the Nazi could get the job done.

So many spoilers. So much lamenting.Collapse )

Overall, my opinion on X Company as a whole is as follows: excellent premise, consistently middling-to-poor execution. It wasn't the show I wanted to see, but it contained glimmers of that show, which kept me watching. (The other thing that kept me watching was a perverse desire to see just how not-the-show-I-wanted it could get. *hands*) On the occasions when it truly delivered on the promise of its premise, it was an absolute treat. I just wish those occasions hadn't been quite so rare.

Finally: this is just embarrassing. The AV Club is far from perfect, but sometimes I'd give my friggin' eyeteeth for a site with a comparable level of critical insight about Canadian TV. (It'd be nice if Canadian TV would pull up its socks and offer more Peak TV, too.)

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"I made a little space for the cheese slices."
Buffy the Vampire Slayer premiered 20 years ago today!

I'M OLD. /Todd Maplethorpe

It was a good show. I liked it.

A Lot.



No deep thoughts. Just YAY. \o/ \o/ \o/


X Company update: astonishingly, the episode directly following the 99%/1% ep was A WHOLE 100% THE SHOW THIS SHOW SHOULD ALWAYS BE. It was smart, it was tense, it focused on Aurora being Jane Friggin' Bond (or possibly Jane Friggin' Bourne? Michaela Friggin' Westen?) and showed her OWNING THE WORLD...

...and then this week almost everything was terrible again. Sinclair was stupid, almost everyone acted unprofessionally or made terrible choices, and I had to suffer through the melodramatic/poorly-timed/indiscreet consummation of Alfred/Aurora.


The only shining light was Krystina, who was FINALLY in the field and proved--without breaking a sweat--why she should've been there all along.

The series finale's next Wednesday, so I guess we'll see how things wrap up. At this point, frankly, all I want is for Krystina to survive so I can imagine her cutting a swathe through Nazi-occupied Europe, unencumbered by the deadweight of the rest of the cell.

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Hannibal icon used for--actually, Hannibal ties into a lot in this post. Heh.
As happens every so often, I must say some things about X Company.

99% of the most recent episode--'The Hunt'--was everything this show always should be. Canada's Worst Spies failed to be Canada's Worst Spies: they were competent, collected, opportunistic without being rash; they achieved their objectives without making any boneheaded mistakes along the way. The Nazis were villains: wholly unsympathetic, horrific--yet dangerously capable--assholes. The show's favourite thematic issues of situational morality and good people's capacity to commit evil deeds in service of honourable ends were presented with a refreshing minimum of melodrama, and avoided the Very Special Episode feel that's usually this show's hallmark. 99% of the ep--literally from the beginning until the final minute--was the show I always want this show to be.

And then. (Content warning for some specifics about how Nazis are fucking awful.)Collapse )

So. This episode was 99% the show it always should be, and 1% the show it always is. And it's AMAZING how that 1% can sour the experience of everything else.


Fortunately, the final two episodes of Mary Kills People also aired this week, which did wonders to cleanse my palate. Americans and others, since all six episodes have aired already in Canada, you could very likely ~obtain~ the series ahead of its Lifetime premiere date of April 23. Whatever timetable works for you, I SUGGEST YOU WATCH THIS SHOW.


Things That Escaped Me As A Kid But That I Am Kind Of In Awe Of Now: the sheer number of scenes in Star Trek: TNG where Geordi had dialogue solely with the computer, and Levar Burton's ability not only to sell those scenes dramatically but also make them engaging.

Like. He was really good with those scenes, which in all likelihood he had to play against some perfunctory on-set flunky. Who was reading lines belonging to a computer that had less personality than Siri.


Also re: the Trek-verse (although this one I already knew, and my rewatch is just reminding me): holy crap, was DS9 ever a gift to Michael Dorn.

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Canadian TV Roundup
Mary Kills People: THIS SHOW IS GREAT. Caroline Dhavernas plays a doctor who runs a side business of assisting suicide, and she is wonderful in the role. Almost the entire cast is strong (dude from the Kreuk Beauty and the Beast maybe just needs some more interesting material than he got in the premiere? Which, at least, it looks like he's gonna get going forward), and that includes the teenagers, which I think Says Something!

There's dark humour, and the complications come from reasonable yet mostly unexpected areas (with one exception--I called the episode-ending "twist" EARLY), and really, the premiere was just solidly entertaining from beginning to end. It's airing on Global in Canada, and I believe it's going to be on Lifetime in the States. I strongly recommend it!


Cardinal: John Cardinal is a Lone Wolf Detective with a Troubled Personal Life. He is Haunted By The Case That Got Away, and Might Be Involved In Shady Shit. His partner, Lise Delorme, is a Francophone Among the Anglos. She's introduced as a Rookie With Something To Prove, but really she's an Undercover Fed Sent In To Investigate Cardinal's Potentially Shady Shit. Their jurisdiction is an Isolated Community Surrounded By Northern Wilderness, in which the Majority White Police Force Has An Uneasy Relationship With The Local Native Community. The victim in Cardinal's Case That Got Away is a Sweet-Faced Native Youth.

...like, it's all very well done, well-written, suitably atmospheric without drowning in pretension, a strong group of actors, etc etc. But MAN, it's like a Moody Procedural Whack-A-Mole.


X Company Canada's Worst Spies: I have resigned myself to the fact that this show is never going to be the show I want it to be. TPTB do not share my narrative priorities, or my areas of interest. They are not, by and large, trying to do much of anything particularly challenging with their subject matter or their characters. And they are blithely unconscious to all the ways in which they keep holding themselves back by relegating their female characters to being symbols/objects/generally ineffectual. Details! Annoying, annoying details.Collapse )

--Add this to the howlers of 1) Faber, while arguing with Sinclair about why he doesn't want to work with these people, flat-out listing every canon dumbass mistake and rookie behaviour that made me start calling them Canada's Worst Spies; and 2) Alfred asserting with a totally straight face, "We're always careful," and...uuuuuuugggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, this shooooooooooooooooooooooooow.

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FandomTrumpsHate Auction
I'm offering a custom-ordered fic at the [tumblr.com profile] fandomtrumpshate auction! Below are my offer details, as well as how to bid:

Fandom(s): Supernatural, Supergirl, Profit
Rating(s): G, Teen, Mature, Explicit
Length/size: up to 5k words, 5-10k words
Especially interested in: Dean/Castiel, Dean/Abaddon, Kara/Lena, Kara/James, canonverse, canon-divergence
Will not: rape, pregnancy/mpreg, A/B/O, non-canonverse AU
Notes: I’m open to writing more ships than I specified, especially in SPN. If there’s a pairing (or moresome) in one of my listed fandoms you’d like but I didn’t mention, please contact me and ask about it before bidding. If you’d like a mature or explicit fic involving a particular kink, again, please contact me and ask about it before bidding. I’m also happy to write gen or completely non-shippy fic.

Auctions run from 12 January 2017 (Midnight, EST) to 19 January 2017 (Midnight, EST). Bids before or after this period are invalid and will not be counted. If you would like to bid on this auction:

Step 1: Check the bidding spreadsheet to find out what the current high bid is. (Note: It may take up to five minutes for a bid to appear.)

Step 2: Fill out the seller’s bidding form with a bid that is higher than the current high bid. If you want to make it harder for someone to outbid you, bid higher! You will NOT be notified if someone outbids you, so please bookmark this page and check frequently. You will only be notified if you are the high bidder after the auctions end.

Thanks for participating in Fandom Trumps Hate!

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Happy New Year!
*dusts things off*

Look at that, I haven't posted since November. December is always Too Busy, but this year, what with...the world...I've felt like hermiting much more than usual, even online. But it's the end of this godforsaken year, so I might as well say goodbye to it and wish everyone a Much Improved 2017.

Also, something something in Russia servers YOU, so an update on my LJ/DW practises: DW and Tumblr are where I've been hanging out for ages now. I'm not deleting my LJ--SUP will just have to shitcan the site and delete me themselves--and I'll still crosspost there, but DW and Tumblr are where I'll actually be interacting with people.

So! Housekeeping done, back to my quiet NYE in front of the cozy glow of my Christmas tree/Fireplace Channel/computer monitor. Let's all kick this sucker out the door and square up to whatever's up next.

Hopefully it'll surprise us all and be a better year or five or three hundred.

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Oy with the poodles, already!
The Sister and I attended a Gilmore Girls viewing party last night where, due to us being in the Eastern timezone and Netflix's servers being Robust, it took us just about three hours to watch the first episode. (Fortunately, there was plenty of conversation for the times we had to wait out buffering/outages. Also snacks, because Gilmore Girls.)

The rest of the party attendees are diurnal, so the party ended at 11:30. As soon as I got home, I finished the marathon on my own, because when it comes to in-demand streaming video events, being nocturnal is useful.

Spoilers!Collapse )

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This has not been a good week.

It's not my country. (Except in the ways that it is. In the ways that the "global village" is an actual Thing these days, and when the US sneezes there aren't many areas of the world unconcerned enough that they can get away without at least saying "gesundheit". In the ways that it's everybody's country, because all of us have our institutionally ingrained -isms that may or may not be turning their ugly faces to the light of day at the moment but are there, influencing our societies the same way the States' -isms influenced their election.) It's not my country, but for anyone with the barest ability to have sympathy for or empathy with other people, this has not been a good week.

To all of you in the States who are reeling and anxious and sad and angry and afraid and whatever else is in your mental/emotional jumble over how the election turned out, I am so sorry you're going through this. *hugs*


Cut for personal anxiety.Collapse )

I'm hoping to do some baking when I get up this evening, partially because I owe my neighbour cookies for letting me use his lawnmower all summer, and partially because baking's a thing I usually do when I'm having trouble getting writing to happen. If anybody has a favourite cookie recipe they'd like to suggest, I'd appreciate it.

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A List of Brief Thoughts On Media Consumed
1) The Travelers premiere was excellent--I recommend it very strongly--but taken on its own, it's impossible to judge what the show's going to be like week-to-week. Other than "serialised". (Travelers is a Canadian series that's being co-produced with Netflix [it premiered Monday here, and will start airing on Netflix in December], so rather than going the usual network-TV route of spending the first hour Explaining Everything, it's much more like the first chapter of a novel.)

1a) I remember Stargate fandom's vocal displeasure over that franchise's treatment of consent/personal autonomy as relates to bodyswap/possession. (That was the gist of it, right? My knowledge is entirely fannish-osmosis-based.) Roughly ten minutes into the Travelers pilot, it was abundantly clear that Brad Wright must have been paying attention on that score, and is using this show to demonstrate his learnings. (If you're considering watching the show but wary about the premise and want to know what I mean by this, drop me a comment and I'll get spoilery to explain.)

1b) Holy crap, it's already bugging me that I can't spell this show's name with two Ls.

2) Pitch! Is great! No one is more surprised than I to find myself loving a show about baseball! (But then, just as Power Play wasn't REALLY about hockey and Friday Night Lights wasn't REALLY about football, Pitch isn't REALLY about baseball.)

I love Ginny. I love Blip and Mrs Blip (to follow the Perfect Couple naming conventions established by FNL). I keep wanting Mark Consuelos' character to meet and have to deal with Brett Parker. I can't yet decide whether I ship Ginny and Mike or if I like them more as mentor/mentee; my opinion varies with every scene they share.

3) Before the Supergirl s2 premiere aired, I read a review that called it, basically, the best episode of superhero TV ever made. At the time, I was sure the reviewer was being hyperbolic.

Then I watched the ep.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Dear Grimdark DC Movieverse,

*points at Supergirl s2 premiere* Like THAT.

4) QI has returned, with Sandi Toksvig replacing Stephen Fry as host, and to my delight, she's as perfect in that role as he was. YAY QI. (It's my favourite British quiz show. The Big Fat Quizzes are my second favourite.)

5) This Is Us is not my usual brand of show--it's very very earnest, sometimes to the point of cringeworthiness--but its cast is great, its characters are easy to invest in, and its moments of humour are just so winning.

6) I really wanted Conviction to be better than it is. However, Hayley Atwell owns the screen every moment she's on it, so I'll probably keep watching.

7) It's Dean/Cas Big Bang season and I've only managed to read one story so far. They just keep PILING UP ON MY KINDLE. C'mon, fandom, why you gotta be so prolific? (DON'T STOP.)

8) Gonna try Class (the latest Doctor Who spinoff) tonight. Given Moffat, I'm already feeling uninvested; we'll see how it goes.

9) Since it's almost Halloween, a spooky TV rec: The Living and the Dead, a Victorian gothic psychological thriller/ghost story starring Colin Morgan. It's a one-season wonder--it aired a while ago and then, very unfortunately, didn't get picked up for a second season--but the six-ep season is almost entirely self-contained: hit stop at the last minute of the last ep to avoid the bet-hedging cliffhanger. And it's GOOD, atmospheric and creepy. Perfect Halloween viewing.

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New SPN fic! ...not quite in before jossing.
Stupid CW promo department, releasing episode sneak peeks a week ahead of the air date. :(

Rating: gen.
No warnings apply.
Thanks to [personal profile] akamarykate for the beta.

Five Lies Dean Tells His Mother (And One Lie She Tells Him)Collapse )


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On the one hand: fic I want very much to finish writing--or, more realistically, get within a very few paragraphs of finishing--by the end of this weekend.

On the other hand: really good fic that I just started reading this week after looking forward to it for AGES that is DEEPLY ABSORBING and I am now halfway through it and IT'S SO HARD TO PUT IT DOWN and it's like five bajillion words long and I definitely won't be able to finish it this weekend BUT I COULD




On the third hand: plans with The Sister this afternoon that I should definitely get at least a little sleep before doing, because getting to the planned event requires driving at highway speeds.

Why is life so full of hard choices. :(

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Food post gets Helena icon.
I made two impulse purchases at the bakery the other day (because a] I’d had a terrible shift at work, and b] I was on my way to the dentist; carb comfort is good comfort): a cherry pie (a small one), and a loaf of onion/garlic/cheese bread.

The pie is pie: it’s pie, it’s yummy, I enjoy it, yay. But the bread.



Lightly toasted, with gouda and sliced tomato, a sprinkle of salt and a slightly more zealous grind of pepper: A++++++++++++++++ MEAL DECISION OMG.

Like, I didn’t need to discover another thing from this bakery I’ll want to buy every time I’m in there (see also their pizza sticks and rolls and ginger cookies and oatmeal cookies and turnovers and pumpkin pound cake...)? BUT THERE IT IS.

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And now, a random post about my teeth.
I have some old silver fillings from when I was younger, because I got my teeth from the cavity-loving side of the family. Over the past year and half, they've all started failing. I've had two replaced already, and I think another one's gone now, because ow.

Good excuse for a yogurt and ice cream weekend, right? Call the dentist on Monday, not a huge deal. (Aside from the jaw pain that activates when I yawn, which is getting PRETTY ANNOYING.)

Except, my fridge is full of fresh, crunchy vegetables I bought specifically to snack on raw with dip over this weekend, and I have been able to mow through not enough of them. Fresh veggies--and dips--are not the cheapest things ever! And they have a very finite shelf life!

Grr. I don't like wasting money, and I don't like wasting food. >:(

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Better late than etc etc.
Okay! Almost a month after the fact, here are my 2016 VividCon vid recs!

...:D? (I've been busy/exhausted, okay?)

In no particular order:Collapse )

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Most of my country's cultural moments usually involve either hockey or politics.
I am sitting on the couch with my knee iced and elevated, watching the last half-hour of Much’s all-day Tragically Hip commemoration, waiting for the CBC to put its Olympics coverage on hold for a few hours so they can air the final Hip show live on every platform they broadcast.

If I hadn’t sprained my knee, I could be downtown, attending one of two free public all-ages presentations of the CBC TV broadcast being hosted by local radio stations in my city’s central park and one of its major concert venues.

Dear The Hip,

Canada loves you.

(Thanks, Gord.)

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VVC Vid Review 2016
Behind cut because MY FINGERS.Collapse )


1) Vid Review is the only time I ever write ~8000 words in three hours.

2) Words I am not good at typing quickly: parallels, feminine, part. o.O


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VVC 2016 Club Vivid Premiere: Return to Oz, 'Sweet Nothing'
Source: Return to Oz
Music: Calvin Harris ft Florence Welch, 'Sweet Nothing'
Vid: Jayne L. / [personal profile] serrico
Content Note: fast cuts, child endangerment typical of early/mid-1980s children's movies ("")
Download: right click, save as
Streaming: YouTube

Follow the crumbling brick road.

Lyrics, for them as wants 'em.Collapse )

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VividCon 2016 Premieres: Underground, 'Satisfied'
Source: Underground
Music: Bruce Peninsula, 'Satisfied'
Vid: Jayne L. / [personal profile] serrico
Content Note: fast cuts, graphic violence, sexual violence, nudity
Download: right click, save as
Streaming: YouTube

Ernestine's never been satisfied.

Lyrics, for them as wants 'em.Collapse )

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