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Reality Is Almost Always Wrong

Goes ding when there's stuff.

Jayne L.
30 August
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My name is Jayne. I'm an overeducated Canadian who just hit thirty and is not sure how to feel about that. I like TV, books, movies, and music, and sometimes I bring those things together in ways that were unanticipated by their creators. All in fun, though! All in fun.

I've been in online fandom since early 1996, which totally qualifies me for Bitter Old Fandom Queen-dom. If you disagree, you can just get the hell off my lawn, damn kids. *fistshake* *canethump*

Where To Find...

My fanfic is in the process of being transferred from my now-defunct website to my DreamWidth journal. Eventually, everything will be available through DW Tags. My warning policy is here.

My vids can be found here.

Also, apparently I'm on Tumblr now.